MSAD 75 2011 Summer Technology Institute

MSAD 75 is pleased to announce that it will host the 2011 Summer Technology Institute . The Institute, which is open to district teachers in grades 6 to 12, will focus on developing digital learning experiences for students that go beyond substitution and augmentation on the SAMR model. The Institute will run from June 22 to June 24.

Participants will develop and hone the essential skills, content, and knowledge to successfully design and implement  digital learning experiences needed by contemporary students. MLTI mentors will provide training, guidance, and resources as teachers create digital learning experiences that go beyond the substitution of work that could not be done without the aid of technology. Teachers will have the opportunity to work individually, with a partner, or as a team.

In the months preceding the Summer Technology Institute, participants will be expected to work with a mentor to create a strategy that will lay the foundation for the digital learning experiences they will further develop during the Summer Technology Institute.

Participants will receive contact hours toward a pre-approved certification goal for attending the Summer Technology Institute, and additional hours will be attainable through follow-up and implementation of Institute training.